Concealed Carry Hand Guns - - FROM THE EDITOR - Steven Paul Bar­low, Ed­i­tor CC

“I’m re­ally get­ting se­ri­ous about con­cealed carry,” my friend said. “I even bought a new gun.”

“Let’s see it,” I said.

“I don’t have it with me,” he said. “It’s home.”

“Well, there’s only a 30 per­cent chance of rain to­day,” I replied. He didn’t un­der­stand, and I sup­pose I was be­ing a bit cryptic.

Lis­ten to the weather fore­cast and you’ll know when it might be a good idea to carry an um­brella. Ac­tu­ally, none of my gun-tot­ing friends would be caught dead car­ry­ing an um­brella. I don’t know why that’s the case. It doesn’t make sense. But the point is that some things, such as wear­ing your seat belt or car­ry­ing a gun, can’t be done se­lec­tively be­cause you can’t pre­dict such things as a car ac­ci­dent or a crim­i­nal’s threat to your life.

So, you’ve re­al­ized that your peace­ful world can sud­denly and un­ex­pect­edly be­come a very vi­o­lent place. You’ve bought a gun or you’re do­ing your re­search be­cause you’re go­ing to buy a gun soon. Be­cause you’re read­ing this mag­a­zine, though, I’ll bet you al­ready own sev­eral guns and wouldn’t mind hav­ing an­other one. That’s good. Now pick one and carry it with you reg­u­larly.

When we talk about con­cealed carry, we like to fo­cus on the gun. But there’s more to it. Con­cealed carry means hav­ing deep pock­ets, not fi­nan­cially, but for the other things you should carry with you in ad­di­tion to a firearm. You should have a knife. I carry two: one harm­less-look­ing knife for ev­ery­day mun­dane cut­ting tasks and one I want to keep sharp for se­ri­ous busi­ness.

I also carry a small, pow­er­ful flash­light day and night. Re­cently it’s a Stream­light Pro Tac 1AAA and it’s amaz­ing how much I use it, whether I’m look­ing for some­thing in a dark cor­ner of my messy basement or clip­ping it to the vi­sor of my ball cap when I need both hands free to find out why my car won’t start again.

Just about every­one car­ries a cell phone these days, but it should be in a pocket and not a per­ma­nent ex­ten­sion of your hand, es­pe­cially your gun hand. Use it to be a good wit­ness and re­port what you see. Don’t go run­ning into trou­ble.

A spare mag­a­zine or speed­loader might be a good idea for one of your pock­ets. Pep­per spray can be use­ful too be­cause many con­fronta­tions don’t rise to the level where deadly phys­i­cal force is jus­ti­fied.

The most im­por­tant things to have, how­ever, can’t be pur­chased and aren’t car­ried in your pock­ets. They are a con­tin­ual state of aware­ness of your sur­round­ings and the mind­set to take ap­pro­pri­ate ac­tion upon a threat. That be­ing said, we hope you’ll turn these pages and maybe find your next gun.

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