Concealed Carry Hand Guns - - SHOT SHOW 2017 -

One of the great ad­van­tages of .22 pis­tols is that they are ob­vi­ously less expensive to shoot. Af­ter a time pe­riod when .22 LR ammo was dif­fi­cult to find, it is now avail­able again.

If I am re­mem­ber­ing cor­rectly, my sec­ond au­to­matic pis­tol and my first cen­ter­fire was a Brown­ing High-Power. Around the same time, I also ac­quired my first cen­ter­fire re­volver, a Colt Of­fi­cial Po­lice. I didn’t reload at that time, so found the cost of 9mm and .38 Spe­cial ammo lim­ited me to fir­ing the very oc­ca­sional box of ammo through each. I still shot my Woods­man the most be­cause I could buy a lot more rounds of .22-Long Ri­fle ammo for the same amount of cash.

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