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My first hand­gun was a .22 auto, a

2nd Model Colt Woods­man with a 4.5inch bar­rel. I learned a lot of my ba­sics with that pis­tol. It had good sights and a good trig­ger pull, which helped me to learn to shoot it ac­cu­rately.

It also had a 1911-type mag­a­zine re­lease, so I learned to press the but­ton to drop the mag­a­zine in the same man­ner as did the lat­ter cen­ter­fire au­tos I used. By the way, the 3rd Model Woods­man has a mag­a­zine re­lease at the base of the mag­a­zine well, one rea­son I have al­ways pre­ferred the 2nd Model.

My Walther PPK-L .22 has also proven an ex­cel­lent train­ing aid for new shoot­ers. When my wife was learn­ing to shoot, she used the PPK-L a lot.

As a re­sult, she learned the use of a

Top: An­other S&W .22 re­volver that serves well for train­ing is the Model 17 K-22—or the 4-inch ver­sion, the Model 18. This re­volver may be used along with cen­ter­fire K-frame .38 Spe­cials or .357 Mag­nums. Shown is Thomp­son’s 4-inch Model 66.

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