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Be­cause I started car­ry­ing a High-Power in the days be­fore the pis­tol typ­i­cally had good sights and an eas­ily op­er­ated safety, the first cus­tom auto pis­tol I had made was a Hard­cas­tle-chopped High-Power. It was a good carry gun that had S&W re­volver sights and an am­bidex­trous safety.

Other tun­ing in­cluded a throated cham­ber, pol­ished feed ramp, beveled mag­a­zine well, ac­tion job and a few other touches. It con­cealed bet­ter than the full-sized High-Power, but still gave me good car­tridge ca­pac­ity—I can’t re­mem­ber whether it was 10+1 or 11+1. When I switched from the High-Power to the SIG P226, I didn’t feel the need for cus­tomiz­ing.


Most who think of cus­tom­ized carry pis­tols think of some ver­sion of the 1911. Al­though I ap­pre­ci­ated the 1911, I didn’t use one very of­ten. A pair of Gun­site Ser­vice Pis­tols changed that. A friend was get­ting an am­i­ca­ble di­vorce (if that isn’t an oxy­moron), and as part of it had agreed to sell some hand­guns and give his ex-wife the pro­ceeds. In­cluded were the pair of Gun­site Ser­vice Pis­tols.

As soon as I took them to the range, I was sold. They were ac­cu­rate and re­li­able, but not “fancy.” Just as I like my four-wheel drive ve­hi­cles to be sparse on lux­ury fea­tures but long on per­for­mance fea­tures, I like my cus­tom pis­tols to be the same way; the GSPs were. I even had a dou­ble shoul­der hol­ster rig made so I could carry both at the same time. I prob­a­bly did a dozen or so times.

tMy next cus­tom carry gun was not one I had any in­ten­tion of or­der­ing. A group of friends worked a deal with the S&W Per­for­mance Cen­ter to pro­duce a highly ac­cu­rate group of Model 4566s with Melonite fin­ishes and spe­cial se­rial num­bers. Af­ter much per­sua­sion, I or­dered one. It was so ac­cu­rate that I was shoot­ing out­stand­ing groups even when I prac­ticed from the leather and fired just DA first rounds.

For a cou­ple of years, it was my carry gun when I used a belt gun. How­ever, an in­ci­dent oc­curred that made me re­al­ize an in­her­ent dis­ad­van­tage of an ex­pen­sive cus­tom carry gun. If you’re in­volved in a shoot­ing while us­ing your prized cus­tom pis­tol, it will likely be taken into ev­i­dence for a long time and you might need a writ of re­plevin to get it re­turned.

I ac­quired a S&W 4563, the same gun with an al­loy frame and with­out the Per­for­mance Cen­ter touches, and started car­ry­ing it a lot of the time. I had de­cided my Per­for­mance Cen­ter 4566 was ir­re­place­able be­cause it was a small run as a one-time thing.


Above: Thomp­son car­ries his cus­tom 1911 pis­tols that have rails in this Rusty Sher­rick SIS rig.

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