Concealed Carry Hand Guns - - FROM THE EDITOR -

Don’t tell my wife, but I prob­a­bly have too many guns. The trou­ble is that I buy guns I think I re­ally want, use them for a while and de­velop sen­ti­men­tal at­tach­ments to them. Then, when a new model catches my eye, I’m re­luc­tant to sell any of the ear­lier guns. The same is true for me when it comes to knives and hunt­ing gear.

Re­cently, I’ve been con­sid­er­ing down­siz­ing, get­ting rid of all but a few es­sen­tial guns and fa­vorite knives for dif­fer­ent uses. It was all part of sim­pli­fy­ing my life, re­duc­ing the clut­ter and get­ting away from the inces­sant pur­suit of more pos­ses­sions. Part of the up­side was that I could use the money to pay off some bills and then maybe do some trav­el­ing.

When it came to my guns, I thought it would be easy. I’d start with the long guns. I’d want to keep one long-bar­reled shot­gun with chokes tubes for hunt­ing ducks, tur­keys and rab­bits. I’d want an­other with two in­ter­change­able short bar­rels—one smooth­bore for de­fense and one ri­fled bar­rel if I wanted to hunt deer with sabot slugs in a shot­gun-only area.

For ri­fles, I’d keep a .22 rim­fire for plink­ing and small game and a bolt-ac­tion cen­ter­fire for big game.

I’d also keep a semi-auto for home de­fense and be­cause the lib­er­als don’t want me to have one.

I didn’t think the choice of hand­guns would be dif­fi­cult ei­ther. I’d like to keep a pow­er­ful hand­gun for hunt­ing. I’d want to keep ei­ther a full-size or com­pact pis­tol for carry and home de­fense. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a sub-com­pact pis­tol as well for times when I wanted to travel light. I’d in­sist on keep­ing a .22 hand­gun, too, for use in a sur­vival kit or bug-out bag with lots of ammo.

I was do­ing well with the down­siz­ing, I thought. I’d have two shot­guns, three ri­fles and four hand­guns. I wouldn’t need more than that, right? Wait a minute. Which two shot­guns, three ri­fles and four hand­guns should I choose?

If I was lim­it­ing my­self to one big game ri­fle, choos­ing a de­pend­able bolt ac­tion would mean I’d have to let go of my lever ac­tions. That wouldn’t be easy. And what about the guns left to me by my dad and my fa­ther-in­law? I couldn’t get rid of those.

I loved my Ruger sin­gle-ac­tion re­volvers, so one of those would be a nat­u­ral for my hunt­ing hand­gun. But I was re­ally get­ting to like my Glock Model 40 longslide 10mm with the Tri­ji­con RMR sight. For a carry gun, should I go with one of my striker-fired polymer pis­tols, a 1911 or maybe one of my fa­vorite re­volvers?

So how did it all work out? Well, the up­side of this down­siz­ing ex­er­cise is that, so far, it has only been hy­po­thet­i­cal. What it demon­strated is how much I re­ally love the guns I have. And my wife doesn’t know how many that is.

Steven Paul Bar­low, editor CC

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