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To give an idea on pos­si­ble costs of a cus­tom com­bat pis­tol, my Spring­field HRT Spe­cial will usu­ally cost in the $3,500 range with a wait of one-two years. My Wil­son Light-Rail Light­weight has a cur­rent base price of $3,145, which can go up if ad­di­tional fea­tures are se­lected. A Garthwaite cus­tom High-Power will also run some­where ap­proach­ing $3,000 de­pend­ing on the op­tions. Gun­site Ser­vice Pis­tols are avail­able from the Gun­site Proshop for $1,439. There will not be the long wait for these that there might for some of the other cus­tom pis­tols. Price will vary sub­stan­tially on cus­tom pis­tols de­pend­ing the op­tions cho­sen, but choos­ing the op­tions you want is what makes them so de­sir­able.

Be­low: Fif­teen-yard dou­ble tap drills from the leather with the Spring­field HRT Spe­cial.

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