Concealed Carry Hand Guns - - TABLE OF CONTENTS - By Richard Schutz

Back to the fu­ture with the Spring­field Ar­mory XD-E EDC.

When I first saw the new Spring­field Ar­mory XD-E at the 2017 NRA Ex­hibits in At­lanta, I asked, “Why?” With all the striker-fired, slim-line, sin­gle-stack 9mm con­cealed carry guns avail­able to­day, why do we need a ham­mer fired double-ac­tion/sin­gle-ac­tion (DA/SA) slim-line semi-auto pistol? When I asked that ques­tion to my­self, I broke my car­di­nal rule, never to use the word “need” when talk­ing about firearms.

As it turns out, many pistol shoot­ers like SA/DA semi-auto pis­tols for con­cealed carry. Af­ter sev­eral weeks of car­ry­ing the XD-E and fir­ing ap­prox­i­mately 500 rounds, I now know why. Not every­one is a be­liever in the safety of car­ry­ing a striker-fired pistol with­out a tra­di­tional safety, and some were trained on a ser­vice weapon that had a double-ac­tion first shot and sin­gle-ac­tion suc­ces­sive shots.

Spring­field Ar­mory refers to the XD-E as the “ham­mer rein­vented.” As such, they have taken the best el­e­ments of their XD line, added a ham­mer and a safety/de­cocker and, voila, the XD-E.


The XD-E is a poly­mer frame, ham­mer-fired semi-au­to­matic pistol that fires ei­ther double ac­tion or sin­gle ac­tion on the first shot (de­pend­ing upon in which mode you are car­ry­ing it) and sin­gle ac­tion for sub­se­quent shots. Its sin­gle-stack, slim-line de­sign makes it a good choice for EDC. It’s not a pocket gun, but it is eas­ily con­ceal­able when car­ried IWB, AIWB or even OWB un­der the ap­pro­pri­ate cloth­ing. For women, it would fit nicely in a medium or larger purse.

When com­pared to an XD-S in .45

ACP, the XD-E looks con­sid­er­ably larger, but the frame with slide is only one-quar­ter inch longer (not in­clud­ing the ham­mer spur) and the grip is seven-six­teenths inch longer. There is also a lit­tle more meat at the rear of the frame/beaver­tail, where the

ham­mer piv­ots, and the trig­ger guard is slightly larger on the XD-E.


Once a round is cham­bered, the choices are to en­gage the safety and carry the gun “cocked and locked,” ham­mer de­cocked with­out en­gag­ing the safety or the ham­mer de­cocked and the safety en­gaged. For the ul­ti­mate safety when car­ry­ing con­cealed, the gun would be car­ried de­cocked with the safety en­gaged. For the ul­ti­mate speed of en­gage­ment, the gun would be car­ried “cocked and locked.”

To de­cock the gun, the thumb safety lever must be firmly pressed down­ward, past the hor­i­zon­tal po­si­tion. Push­ing the lever up past hor­i­zon­tal will en­gage the man­ual safety. To ac­com­mo­date both right- and left-handed shoot­ers, safety/de­cock­ing levers are on both sides of the slide.

A loaded cham­ber in­di­ca­tor is pro­vided on the top of the slide, be­hind the cutout for the bar­rel hood. When it is raised, there is a round in the cham­ber. When it is flush, the cham­ber is empty.

Spring­field Ar­mory calls the slide a “Low Ef­fort Slide” (L.E.S.) and states that it re­quires 27 per­cent less ef­fort to op­er­ate. The slide is much eas­ier to ma­nip­u­late than that of most striker-fired pis­tols. My wife has trou­ble rack­ing the slide on most striker-fired pis­tols but was able to ma­nip­u­late the L.E.S. with­out a prob­lem.

The XD-E’s sights fea­ture a drift ad­justable com­bat rear sight and a drift ad­justable fiber op­tic front sight. Spare fiber op­tic in­serts are pro­vided in both red and green.

Grip Zone tex­tur­ing is ap­plied to the front and rear of the grip with some wrap-around on the sides. This tex­tur­ing works well with­out be­ing as ag­gres­sive as that found on the orig­i­nal XD-S pis­tols. An over­size trig­ger guard al­lows for oper­a­tion with gloved hands and pro­vides room to reach the trig­ger when it is in its for­ward-most D.A. po­si­tion.

The mag­well is beveled slightly to


Above: The right side of the XD-E shows a safety/ de­cock­ing lever and a magazine re­lease but­ton for lefties. The trig­ger guard is over­sized.

Right: The top of the pistol shows the loaded cham­ber in­di­ca­tor and the red fiber op­tic front sight.

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