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I don’t like to fire a gun ever with­out proper hear­ing pro­tec­tion. That cre­ates a prob­lem when I’m hunt­ing be­cause I want to be alert to the sound of ap­proach­ing game. And when an an­i­mal ar­rives, I can’t af­ford the time or ad­di­tional mo­tion of putting hear­ing pro­tec­tion in place be­fore tak­ing a shot.

Ety­motic GunS­port Pro elec­tronic earplugs pro­vide a so­lu­tion. They’re more com­pact than large elec­tronic muffs and are ex­cel­lent for use afield or at the range. They have noise re­duc­tion rat­ing of 25 deci­bels.

Each earplug has a tiny switch on the out­side. Turn the switch up and you can hear sur­round­ing sound nor­mally, but with pro­tec­tion from loud blasts. Turn the switch down and sur­round­ing sound is am­pli­fied up to five times, al­low­ing you to hear ap­proach­ing game an­i­mals or im­por­tant range com­mands.

In­cluded in the kit are an as­sort­ment of re­mov­able plugs of dif­fer­ent size and con­fig­u­ra­tions to en­sure you have a good fit to your ears.

The MSRP on these earplugs is $299, a good in­vest­ment in pro­tect­ing your hear­ing.

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