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Choos­ing a hol­ster for a pistol with a red dot sight re­quires a com­pro­mise. The hol­ster must allow the sight to clear the leather while pro­tect­ing it dur­ing carry. It must also allow quick ac­cess and pre­sen­ta­tion. There is also a com­pro­mise be­tween keep­ing the gun close enough to the body for con­ceal­ment, yet far enough away to draw with­out catch­ing the op­ti­cal sight.

To­day, many hol­ster mak­ers of­fer hol­sters that ac­com­mo­date a pistol with a red dot. The one I chose for my MK25-D-RX is from Over­land Gun­leather. Adam at Over­land Gun­leather has a lot of ex­pe­ri­ence mak­ing hol­sters for pis­tols with red dots and im­me­di­ately grasped that the Romeo 1 is wider than typ­i­cal red dot sights. He knew which of his hol­sters he could cus­tom­ize for the Romeo 1. That im­pressed me.

He rec­om­mended two mod­els for the SIG with the Romeo 1—the NS and the TFS. I chose the NS in black. This has proven an ex­cel­lent choice. The pistol car­ries com­fort­ably—I don’t even no­tice the Romeo 1 when I bend or move. It also po­si­tions the pistol well for a rapid pre­sen­ta­tion.

Over­land Gun­leather offers a wide ar­ray of other hol­sters for pis­tols and re­volvers, in­clud­ing au­tos with red dots.

For those who pre­fer Ky­dex hol­sters, Dara Hol­sters and Gear makes some ex­cel­lent ones for pis­tols that mount a red dot, in­clud­ing the MK25-D-RX. I tried two of their hol­sters, the RMR OWB and the RMR IWB. I as­sumed the out­side the waist­band model would be the one most ap­pli­ca­ble for MK25, but both proved com­fort­able and both al­lowed fast pre­sen­ta­tion of the pistol. The de­sign of the RMR IWB model was such that I car­ried the MK25 com­fort­ably for a cou­ple of days in St. Louis sum­mer—read, hot and hu­mid. For the MK25-DRX or other pis­tols with red dots these hol­sters are ex­cel­lent.

Right: High qual­ity hol­ster from Over­land Gun­leather de­signed for the MK25 with Romeo 1. It al­lows com­fort­able con­cealed carry un­der a jacket with the op­ti­cal sight mounted.

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