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Ruger offers a wide se­lec­tion of semi-au­tos and re­volvers for per­sonal de­fense and at the top of the list is the trim LC9s, a striker-fired 9mm with a through-hard­ened steel slide and a glass-filled one-piece ny­lon grip frame. At 17 ounces and with a length of just 6 inches and height of 4.5 inches, the LC9s is very easy to carry.

Plus, the gun mea­sures a scant 0.9 inch wide, which makes this one of the eas­i­est semi-au­tos to con­ceal un­der light cloth­ing. Ruger offers this sin­gle-stack carry gun with a pair of three-dot sights that are drift-ad­justable and a seven-round flush-fit magazine with a fin­ger ex­ten­sion that al­lows you more pur­chase on the gun if you have larger hands.

Mod­els are avail­able with and with­out a man­ual safety, but all of these guns come with an in­te­grated trig­ger safety, magazine dis­con­nect and vis­ual in­spec­tion port that allow you to in­stantly iden­tify whether a round is in the cham­ber. The con­toured grip de­sign is very com­fort­able and does an ad­mirable job man­ag­ing re­coil, and the gun’s an­gles help break up the sil­hou­ette and make con­ceal­ment even eas­ier. Plus, it’s a very af­ford­able op­tion in the sin­gle-stack 9mm field.

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