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The Walther PPS is a trim, fea­ture-loaded 9mm that stands out in this crowded field. It comes with a 3.18-inch bar­rel with polyg­o­nal ri­fling, and both the bar­rel and the slide have a durable Tenifer treat­ment that pro­tects against cor­ro­sion, an im­por­tant con­sid­er­a­tion on a daily carry gun. The poly­mer frame is light, and the grip has cross-di­rec­tional tex­tur­ing and a con­toured shape that is among the most com­fort­able of any of the skinny 9mms.

Di­men­sion­ally, the PPS M2 is right in line with the other guns on this list, mea­sur­ing an inch wide and 6.3 inches long and weigh­ing 21 ounces. Over­all height de­pends on which magazine you choose; there’s a flush-fit six-round mag that keeps the gun’s height to a min­i­mum (4.4 inches) for max­i­mum con­ceal­ment, a seven-round mag that offers more ca­pac­ity and grip space, and an eight-round op­tion that gives this gun the feel of a full-size 9mm and cuts down on reloads on the range.

The orig­i­nal PPS had a magazine re­lease lever on the trig­ger guard—a great op­tion in my opin­ion be­cause it was in­tu­itive and pre­vented any­one from drop­ping the mag while the gun was in the hol­ster. But Amer­i­can shoot­ers in gen­eral fa­vored the tra­di­tional po­si­tion­ing, and so the M2 has a mag re­lease but­ton that’s po­si­tioned be­hind the trig­ger guard. The three-dot sights on the PPS M2 are low-pro­file so they won’t snag, and the rear sight is drift ad­justable.

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