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Here we de­part from the striker-fired guns and the 1911s. The P225-A1 is a throw­back of sorts, hav­ing de­buted in the 1970s as a po­lice and military sin­gle-stack 9mm op­tion. It uti­lizes the same con­trols as the vaunted P226—a clas­sic com­bat weapon in its own right—but it’s lighter and trim­mer than that gun.

Still, the P225-A1 is not as com­pact as some of the other guns on this list; it weighs just over 30 ounces, mea­sures just over 5 inches high and is around an inch-and-a-quar­ter wide. That ex­tra size makes this gun man­age­able to shoot even though it has a slightly higher bore axis than com­pet­ing pis­tols.

If you aren’t fa­mil­iar with the DA/SA de­sign, then the gun will take some get­ting used to; the ini­tial trig­ger pull in double ac­tion mode is heavy (10 to 11 pounds) but sub­se­quent shots in sin­gle ac­tion oper­a­tion of­fer a lighter trig­ger pull (roughly 4 to 5 pounds). There’s no man­ual safety, but there is a de­cocker to safely lower the ham­mer.

The new P225-A1, which came out in 2016, offers a short re­set trig­ger for faster fol­low-ups, G10 grips, and a com­fort­able cutout just be­low the trig­ger guard that was miss­ing on the old gun. The P225-A1 is a stand­out in the field of sin­gle-stack 9mms, both for its oper­a­tion and its ex­cep­tional build qual­ity. You may just find that this is the per­fect carry gun for you.

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