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Brown­ing re­cently en­tered the ammo busi­ness, and one of its new­est of­fer­ings is BXP (Brown­ing X-Point) per­sonal de­fense am­mu­ni­tion. The heart of this load is the new X-Point bul­let, which fea­tures a cross-shaped in­sert in the hol­low point cav­ity of the bul­let to help it pen­e­trate through bar­ri­ers like cloth­ing. The bul­let’s jack­eted de­sign pro­vides con­sis­tent ex­pan­sion for max­i­mum en­ergy trans­fer to stop threats quickly. In ad­di­tion, the black nickel-plated brass offers smooth, re­li­able feed­ing in your firearm, a crit­i­cal fac­tor when se­lect­ing a load for per­sonal pro­tec­tion. 9mm BXP ammo drives a 147-grain X-Point bul­let at about 1,000 feet per sec­ond from a 4-inch bar­rel and gen­er­ates 326 foot-pounds of en­ergy at the muz­zle. BXP ammo is also avail­able in .380 ACP, .40 S&W and .45 ACP and Brown­ing is also of­fer­ing their BPT tar­get ammo with matched-weight bul­lets so that you can train with a bud­get-friendly tar­get load that shoots to the same point of im­pact as your de­fen­sive ammo. www.Brown­

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