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The Ruger SR1911 in 10mm was a spe­cial gun I was anx­ious to show to my en­vi­ous friends. But the beau­ti­ful hol­sters I used to carry the gun dur­ing my test gar­nered just as much at­ten­tion. I had two hol­sters from Savoy Leather—an open-topped belt hol­ster and an in­side-the-waist­band hol­ster—both molded specif­i­cally for the 1911. The company, based in Weleetka, Okla., makes all of its leather hol­sters here in the U.S. all from Amer­i­can ma­te­ri­als, in­clud­ing the heavy leather, thread, dye and oil. They are all made to the cus­tom spec­i­fi­ca­tions of its cus­tomers. The company also makes leather belts and ri­fle slings. The belt hol­ster I tried had about a 15-de­gree for­ward cant and fea­tured the stamped im­age of an owl, won­der­fully de­picted in full color (by hand). This rig had an MSRP of $189.99. The IWB rig had a coiled snake and the slo­gan “Don’t Tread On Me Since 1776.” It sold for $119.99. Each car­ried the pistol well, and the only prob­lem I saw for a per­son who car­ries con­cealed is that there will be the de­sire to lift the cover gar­ment to show every­one the fancy hol­ster. All of the hol­sters from Savoy Leather are cus­tom or­dered. First you choose the art de­sign, then the type of hol­ster, the gun model and whether it will be for right- or left-hand carry. These leather hol­sters are hand­made and might take eight to 12 weeks for de­liv­ery. When you have a spe­cial gun, you re­ally should carry it in a spe­cial hol­ster. These hol­sters from Savoy Leather are first rate.

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