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Let’s com­bine all of the fun­da­men­tal el­e­ments and ap­ply them to a ba­sic drill to il­lus­trate why each of these key points is im­por­tant. In this case, the drill is to face two tar­gets and fire two shots into the cen­ter of each in rapid suc­ces­sion; a double tap on the first tar­get, double tap on the sec­ond. The whole sce­nario be­gins with a high grip and a good draw. The arms ex­tend out­ward from the body in a two-handed hold on the gun, the sight comes up to the eye, and you im­me­di­ately fo­cus on the front sight. When it is prop­erly aligned, you press the trig­ger, and upon fir­ing, your for­ward lean and proper grip help drop the front sight back into po­si­tion, ready­ing you to de­liver the sec­ond shot. By only al­low­ing the trig­ger to come for­ward far enough to re­set, you are ready when the sight pic­ture is cor­rect and im­me­di­ately de­liver and sec­ond, ac­cu­rate shot (thanks to proper trig­ger con­trol). Then you ro­tate at the waist with the gun ex­tended and, when the front sight is prop­erly po­si­tioned on the sec­ond tar­get, you de­liver two more shots. The process takes very lit­tle time, but by mas­ter­ing the three ba­sic tenets of de­fen­sive shooting, you have de­vel­oped the skill you needed to ac­com­plish your goal and com­plete the drill.

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