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Once you’ve mas­tered the ba­sic shooting skills and ob­tained your con­cealed carry per­mit, it’s time to be­gin look­ing for­ward to the next level of train­ing. Be­cause you are car­ry­ing a firearm to de­fend your life, it makes since to invest in some con­tin­ued firearms train­ing. The good news is that there are a num­ber of places where you can re­ceive that train­ing to help you be­come even more adept with a firearm. Next-level train­ing moves be­yond the ba­sics and uses the prin­ci­ples you’ve learned to build upon your foun­da­tion as a shooter, and there are few places where your tu­ition money is bet­ter spent than Ari­zona’s Gun­site Acad­emy in Paulden, Ariz. (www.gun­site.com) Founded by leg­endary shooter Colonel Jeff Cooper—in­ven­tor of the Mod­ern Tech­nique of hand­gun shooting taught around the globe—Gun­site offers classes that will help you im­prove ev­ery as­pect of your shooting game, from men­tal acu­ity to per­form­ing tac­ti­cal reloads to shooting around bar­ri­ers. Gun­site offers a long list of cour­ses for shoot­ers of ev­ery skill level, and tak­ing a course at one of their fa­cil­i­ties is a worth­while in­vest­ment for shoot­ers of all lev­els.

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