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The Avenger is a clas­sic de­sign that re­mains among the most ad­vanced belt hol­sters. The Avenger rides high and keeps the hand­gun close to the body. This is ac­com­plished with a strong tun­nel loop that is close to the trig­ger guard, which pulls the hand­gun close to the body when the hol­ster is prop­erly cinched against the gun belt.

The Gaunt hol­ster is well ex­e­cuted and offers a good bal­ance of speed and re­ten­tion. Af­ter a mod­est break-in pe­riod, this hol­ster is bril­liantly fast. It is well suited to heavy hand­guns such as the steel frame Gov­ern­ment Model .45. You should also or­der the Gaunt magazine car­rier. The mag­a­zines are pre­sented at the ideal an­gle for rapid ac­qui­si­tion.

MSRP: $75

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