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Re­volvers cham­bered for rim­less semi-auto car­tridges can be finicky when it comes to the find­ing the right load, and so it seems with Char­ter Arms’ Pit­bull in 9mm. But I found five de­cent choices that all de­liver the goods in terms of con­sis­tency and the kind of ac­cu­racy one should ex­pect from a snub­nose re­volver with fixed sights. 01 Black Hills 124-grain JHP: This load proved to be the most ac­cu­rate out of my test gun, de­liv­er­ing some tight groups, in­clud­ing a 0.75-inch three-shot cluster at 12 yards off a sand­bag rest. The load clocks at an av­er­age of 1,228 feet per sec­ond over a chrono­graph set 20 inches ahead of the muz­zle. 02 Sig Sauer 115-grain JHP V-Crown Elite Per­for­mance: I got a 2-inch group out of this one at 12 yards with an im­pres­sive av­er­age muz­zle ve­loc­ity of 1,221 fps. While plink­ing at some chunks of bro­ken clay tar­gets, this round broke them some more. 03 Arm­scor 124-grain FMJ: At an av­er­age of 1,095 fps, I got a group spread of 3 inches with the best three of five com­ing in at an inch. For those who like an FMJ in 9mm, this might be a good choice. 04 Sig Sauer 115-grain FMJ: This Elite Per­for­mance round may be in­tended more for range use, but at an av­er­age muz­zle ve­loc­ity of 1,196 fps out of the Pit­bull’s 2.2-inch bar­rel it’s an at­ten­tion-get­ter. My best three-shot cluster came in at just un­der 2 inches. 05 Brown­ing 147-grain X-Point BPX: Streak­ing out of a snub­nose re­volver at 1,022 fps, this one got my at­ten­tion, not so much for ac­cu­racy but for ro­bust bal­lis­tics. Off a sand­bag, they grouped OK at about 2.5 inches, but in a gun­fight, who’s go­ing to stop and break out a ruler?

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