Walther’s new 9mm of­fers lots of op­tions for mis­sion-spe­cific readi­ness.

By CCH Staff

Ver­sa­til­ity in a hand­gun is a good thing.

Be­ing able to use the same hand­gun for com­pe­ti­tion, home de­fense, con­cealed carry and tac­ti­cal/ law en­force­ment ap­pli­ca­tions al­lows you to de­velop a thor­ough fa­mil­iar­ity with the gun’s par­tic­u­lar han­dling qual­i­ties. That, in turn, ben­e­fits estab­lish­ing your grip, ac­quir­ing the sights and mak­ing fast, ac­cu­rate shots.

Walther Arms has in­tro­duced the Q4 TAC model in 9mm Luger that of­fers an ar­ray of fea­tures that makes the hand­gun suit­able for mul­ti­ple mis­sions with­out the need to pick up a dif­fer­ent hand­gun each time the task at hand changes.


The Q4 TAC comes with a sup­pres­sor-ready bar­rel with stan­dard ½ x 28 threads. A screw-on cap pro­tects the muz­zle when no sup­pres­sor is used. Be­cause a sup­pres­sor can also change the dy­nam­ics of a re­coil-op­er­ated firearm, the Q4 TAC comes with two re­coil spring/guide rod as­sem­blies to keep the pis­tol re­li­able with and with­out a sup­pres­sor at­tached.

The Q4 TAC also fea­tures an op­tics-ready slide—a cut in the top of the slide be­hind the ejec­tion port de­signed for mount­ing a small re­flex sight. Three adap­tor plates are supplied with the gun to make this Walther com­pat­i­ble with many of the most pop­u­lar op­tics, in­clud­ing those from Tri­ji­con, Le­upold and Doc­ter.

If you don’t wish to use an op­ti­cal sight sys­tem, no prob­lem. The Walther Q4 TAC comes with a high-vis­i­bil­ity fiber op­tic front sight and an LPA fully-ad­justable com­pe­ti­tion rear sight.


The Q4 TAC is based on Walther’s well-de­signed PPQ pis­tol. It is a striker-fired pis­tol with a poly­mer frame that fea­tures an in­te­gral Pi­catinny rail for mount­ing accessories. The cross-di­rec­tional grip sur­face pro­vides for a se­cure hold.

It is a com­pact or mid-sized pis­tol with a 4.6-inch bar­rel, over­all length of

7.8 inches and a height of 5.3 inches. That’s an all-around ex­cel­lent size that pro­motes ef­fi­cient gun han­dling in a con­ceal­able pack­age. Three mag­a­zines come with the hand­gun, in­clud­ing one flush-fit­ting 15-round magazine and two 17-round mag­a­zines with ex­tended base pads. Three in­ter­change­able back­straps are in­cluded as well, so that you can fit the pis­tol to your hand size.

The Q4 TAC is one of the com­pany’s M2 de­signs, which means the magazine re­lease is a push-but­ton type on the left side of the frame. That re­lease is re­versible for left-handed shoot­ers.

A slide re­lease lever ex­tends along each side of the frame within easy reach with­out jut­ting out ob­tru­sively.

The pis­tol has no ex­ter­nal man­ual safety. A blade safety on the face of the trig­ger dis­en­gages as you pull the trig­ger. In addition, there are two in­ter­nal drop safeties and a fir­ing pin block.

The gun fea­tures Walther’s Quick De­fense trig­ger. The trig­ger pull mea­sures at a smooth 5.6 pounds with just 0.4 inch of travel. The trig­ger re­sets at just 0.1 inch, al­low­ing for ex­cel­lent trig­ger con­trol and quick fol­low-up shots.

An­gled ser­ra­tions are both front and rear on the slide, which is treated with a Tenifer coat­ing for a high de­gree of cor­ro­sion re­sis­tance. Its fin­ish is a non-re­flec­tive matte black. Walther backs its newly made firearms with a trans­ferrable lim­ited life­time war­ranty. In most cases, a gun is shipped back to its owner within 48 hours af­ter it’s re­ceived at the com­pany’s Fort Smith, Arkansas, fa­cil­ity.


The Walther Q4 TAC is a re­li­able, high-ca­pac­ity 9mm pis­tol that’s shootable yet con­ceal­able, with the abil­ity to quickly add a sup­pres­sor or op­ti­cal sight as needed. Run it with its very fine sights as-is or add a sup­pres­sor, re­flex sight, or tac­ti­cal light or laser. You can out­fit this pis­tol as needed for any spe­cific duty you have in mind, and be as­sured you have a qual­ity hand­gun wor­thy of the task.

Above: The Walther Q4 TAC proved to be a re­li­able, fast-han­dling pis­tol af­ter putting thou­sands of rounds through it in the Utah desert.

Above: With the Q4 TAC’s threaded bar­rel, the hand­gun comes ready should you want to add a sup­pres­sor at any time.

Be­low: Sev­eral adap­tor plates are supplied with the Q4 TAC to al­low the easy mount­ing of pop­u­lar op­tics.

Be­low: The new Walther Q4 TAC is es­sen­tially a PPQ 9mm model with threaded bar­rel and op­tics-ready slide that make it a much more ver­sa­tile hand­gun.

Left: The in­ter­change­able back­straps supplied with the Q4 TAC en­able you to tai­lor the grip to your spec­i­fi­ca­tions.

The Q4 TAC is a com­pact, high-ca­pac­ity pis­tol with a slim, easy-to-carry pro­file.

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