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A wide ar­ray of ve­hi­cle safes are on the mar­ket, in­clud­ing ex­cel­lent ones from Gun Vault, Ti­tan Vault, Gun Cas­ket and Safety and Se­cu­rity (Truck Bunker.) To ac­tu­ally choose one, you will have to search for one de­signed to fit in your ve­hi­cle.

Some are de­signed strictly for lock­ing up your pis­tol if you have to leave it in the ve­hi­cle or to lock up your larger spare pis­tol when it is in the ve­hi­cle.

Other ver­sions are de­signed to take a car­bine or shot­gun. There are also in­ter­nal roof racks of the type used in some po­lice pa­trol cars that al­low the ri­fle and/or shot­gun to be car­ried above the wind­shield or fur­ther back on the roof. Be­cause the weapons are vis­i­ble if some­one stops to look into the ve­hi­cle, these may not be the best choice for daily carry of weapons, es­pe­cially in an ur­ban area.

Other ve­hi­cle safes/weapons con­tain­ers are de­signed to fit in the trunk of a ve­hi­cle or the bed of a pickup truck. These of­fer a way to se­curely carry long guns and pos­si­bly an ex­tra hand­gun se­cured within your ve­hi­cle, but they do not of­fer ready ac­cess when you are driv­ing. My ad­vice is to Google “car gun safes,” “ve­hi­cle gun safes” and other vari­ants to get some idea of what is avail­able for your ve­hi­cle and in your price range.

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