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It was Walther ver­sus the me­dia in the deserts of Utah. If you want to tor­ture-test new firearms, there’s no bet­ter way than to let a group of writ­ers and ed­i­tors abuse them for a cou­ple of days. Walther spon­sored such an event re­cently to fa­mil­iar­ize mem­bers of the me­dia with the new Q4 TAC pis­tol. Un­der the ex­pert in­struc­tion and over­sight of Jim Sta­ley and his crew at De­lib­er­ate Dy­nam­ics, the writ­ers par­tic­i­pated in a num­ber of tac­ti­cal drills in­cor­po­rat­ing mul­ti­ple tar­gets, move­ment, use of cover, low-light shoot­ing and ex­er­cises in live-fire shoot houses. At the cen­ter of the event was the Q4 TAC, which proved to be a ca­pa­ble, re­li­able pis­tol through­out the event. The hand­guns fired thou­sands of rounds of ammo, of­ten as quickly as they could be stuffed with the In­cep­tor ARX Pre­ferred De­fense and In­cep­tor Sport Util­ity ammo used dur­ing the tests. The hand­guns were con­tin­u­ally fired un­til burn­ing hot and were not cleaned dur­ing the tri­als. Yet they con­tin­ued to per­form with­out a hitch.

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