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I have been us­ing Talon Grips for sev­eral years and I re­ally like the con­sis­tent feel and the added grip that they pro­vide. They are an easy-to-in­stall stick-on prod­uct that ad­heres to the grip frame very well and can be re­moved with­out dam­age to the gun. Try that with do-it-your­self stip­pling. I use the rub­ber tex­ture ver­sion on my con­cealed carry guns and the gran­u­lar tex­ture ver­sion on my tac­ti­cal and com­pe­ti­tion guns. The Talon grip for the Gen5 G19 is re­vised from the Gen4 ver­sion to ac­count for the lack of fin­ger grooves and the fin­ger notch in the front of the grip. I in­stalled the one on the Gen5 G19 in less than 15 min­utes. The first one that you in­stall will take a lit­tle longer, but un­less you are a to­tal klutz, they are easy to in­stall. I have had a set on my G42 EDC for over a year and they show no signs of wear and have not pealed or wrin­kled. Most grips are priced at $17.99. They are also avail­able for most hand­guns, ri­fle hand­grips and hand guards.

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