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While I don’t rec­om­mend it ex­cept for ex­pe­ri­enced gun hands, the sin­gle-action re­volver in .357 Mag­num—or any other cal­iber for that mat­ter—can be con­cealed and still win a gun­fight. You need to learn an im­por­tant skill: how to reload quickly, and that means learn to use the ejec­tor rod! Too many peo­ple don’t master this simple mech­a­nism. It is pos­si­ble for some­one skilled with a sin­gle action to pop out the emp­ties and reload even on the run. The Ruger New Va­quero and newer model Black­hawks have an in­dex­ing fea­ture that lines up the cylin­der cham­bers with the load­ing gate. It is fast and re­li­able. Learn to pull car­tridges from loops one-handed and load them while the six­gun is held in the other hand.

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