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Ac­cord­ing to the TSA (Trans­porta­tion Se­cu­rity Ad­min­is­tra­tion): "When trav­el­ing, com­ply with the laws con­cern­ing pos­ses­sion of firearms as they vary by lo­cal, state and in­ter­na­tional gov­ern­ments. If you are trav­el­ing in­ter­na­tion­ally with a firearm in checked bag­gage, please check the U.S. Cus­toms and Bor­der Pro­tec­tion web­site for in­for­ma­tion and re­quire­ments prior to travel. De­clare each firearm each time you present it for trans­port as checked bag­gage. Ask your air­line about lim­i­ta­tions or fees that may ap­ply. Firearms must be un­loaded and locked in a hard-sided con­tainer and trans­ported as checked bag­gage only. Only the pas­sen­ger should re­tain the key or com­bi­na­tion to the lock. Firearm parts, in­clud­ing mag­a­zines, clips, bolts and fir­ing pins, are pro­hib­ited in carry-on bag­gage, but may be trans­ported in checked bag­gage. Replica firearms, in­clud­ing firearm repli­cas that are toys, may be trans­ported in checked bag­gage only. Ri­fle scopes are per­mit­ted in carry-on and checked bag­gage. De­clare the firearm and/or am­mu­ni­tion to the air­line when check­ing your bag at the ticket counter. Con­tact the TSA Con­tact Cen­ter with ques­tions you have re­gard­ing TSA firearm reg­u­la­tions and for clar­i­fi­ca­tion on what you may or may not trans­port in your carry-on or checked bag­gage.

"Un­loaded firearms may be trans­ported in a locked hard-sided con­tainer as checked bag­gage only. The con­tainer must com­pletely se­cure the firearm from be­ing ac­cessed. Locked cases that can be eas­ily opened are not per­mit­ted. Be aware that the con­tainer the firearm was in when pur­chased may not ad­e­quately se­cure the firearm when it is trans­ported in checked bag­gage. Am­mu­ni­tion is pro­hib­ited in carry-on bag­gage, but may be trans­ported in checked bag­gage. Small arms am­mu­ni­tion, in­clud­ing am­mu­ni­tion not ex­ceed­ing .75 cal­iber and shot­gun shells of any gauge, may be car­ried in the same hard-sided case as the firearm. Firearm mag­a­zines and am­mu­ni­tion clips, whether loaded or empty, must be se­curely boxed or in­cluded within a hard-sided case con­tain­ing an un­loaded firearm. Read the re­quire­ments gov­ern­ing the trans­port of am­mu­ni­tion in checked bag­gage as de­fined by 49 CFR 175.10 (a)(8)."

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