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You prob­a­bly have a small for­tune tied up in your pis­tol mag­a­zines. Life can be tough on them and a dam­aged or dirty mag­a­zine might not func­tion when you need it most. Dirt, lint, hair and other de­bris can cause mal­func­tions. Mois­ture can cause cor­ro­sion. Im­pacts can cause bent feed lips or dented car­tridges. Ammo Ar­mor is a new prod­uct de­signed to pro­tect your spare mag­a­zines. Ba­si­cally, it’s a poly­mer sleeve made for a spe­cific mag­a­zine so that the fit is good. The com­pany al­ready makes these for a wide range of the most pop­u­lar pis­tol mag­a­zines. The Ammo Ar­mor fits all the way down to the mag­a­zine’s base plate. Cutouts al­low you to grasp the mag­a­zine to re­move it. Whether you keep spare mag­a­zines in your range bag, back­pack, car glove box or your jacket pocket, these mag pro­tec­tors are a good idea. They’re avail­able in black, olive drab or desert tan, and you can use the dif­fer­ent color Ammo Ar­mor cov­ers to dis­tin­guish the types of mag­a­zines or the ammo that’s loaded in them. MSRP: $9.95

Web: www.Am­moAr­mor.com

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