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Spring­field Ar­mory sup­plies a zip­pered ny­lon case with the 911. It con­tains a pocket hol­ster that is se­cured to the in­side of the case us­ing hook and loop ma­te­rial. There is also an elas­tic loop to hold a spare mag­a­zine and a com­part­ment to hold a con­cealed carry per­mit or other pa­per­work.

The pro­vided pocket hol­ster works rea­son­ably well and does a good job of cov­er­ing the trig­ger, thumb safety and the mag­a­zine re­lease. The one draw­back that I find with this hol­ster is that it is bulkier than nec­es­sary due to the thick, padded ma­te­rial used. One plus is that you don’t have to spend $35 or more for a hol­ster af­ter pay­ing $500 to $550 for the gun.

Per­haps a bet­ter hol­ster al­ter­na­tive is the DeSan­tis Gun­hide Tuck This II IWB hol­ster. This hol­ster is made from padded 1050D black Bal­lis­tic ny­lon and is lined with slick pack cloth to re­duce fric­tion with the pis­tol. This hol­ster also has an elas­tic pouch in the front spine for car­ry­ing a spare mag­a­zine. It is am­bidex­trous and the pants clip al­lows a shirt to be tucked be­tween the pis­tol and your pants. MSRP $43.99.

DeSan­tis and other man­u­fac­tur­ers of­fer a va­ri­ety of hol­ster op­tions for the Spring­field Ar­mory 911, in­clud­ing cus­tom fit ver­sions.

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