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There is no prob­lem find­ing holsters for this new Ruger. My pre­ferred carry method is strong-side, in­side-the-waist­band. But with any pis­tol I choose for every­day carry, I like to have op­tions on how I carry it, so that usu­ally means se­lect­ing more than one hol­ster.

First, I reached out to Galco Gun Leather and chose their Corvus model, an open-topped Ky­dex hol­ster with car­bon fiber fin­ish. It's a work­horse of a hol­ster: rugged, light­weight, com­fort­able, easy on the gun's fin­ish. The great thing about the Corvus is that it's convertible. It comes with the hard­ware to con­vert it from a con­ven­tional belt hol­ster to an in­side-the-waist­band rig.

I also opted for Galco's Sum­mer Com­fort hol­ster. This is a finely crafted leather IWB hol­ster. It's fit­ted with two belt loops with snaps that al­low you to put on or re­move the hol­ster eas­ily with­out get­ting half un­dressed to do it. It has a re­in­forced lip that pro­vides for easy re­hol­ster­ing, al­ways a plus.

To com­plete my lineup of carry op­tions for the Ruger, I tried one from a dif­fer­ent maker: Sticky Holsters. This is hol­ster sim­plic­ity in the ex­treme. It has no loops or clips. It re­lies on its soft, no-slip fab­ric to hold it in place. You merely tuck it in­side your waist­band, cinch your belt over it and that's it.

At first, I was con­cerned about the hol­ster stay­ing in place with re­ally loose-fit­ting pants, but there was no prob­lem with the hol­ster stay­ing put with the clothes I wore as I tested it. A big ben­e­fit with a Sticky Hol­ster is that it can be worn any­where around the waist­line— strong-side, cross-draw, ap­pen­dix, small-of-the-back. A Sticky Hol­ster also makes a great pocket hol­ster. And while this Ruger is a bit large for this mode of carry, it isn't out of the ques­tion with pants I own with deep pock­ets.

Galco Corvus hol­ster

Galco Sum­mer Com­fort hol­ster

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