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The NovX fea­tures a new twist. The car­tridge case is a stain­less-steel cas­ing mated to an alu­minum case head which houses the primer. This is a light­weight but very strong car­tridge case. The load­ing is de­signed to pro­duce high com­par­a­tive ve­loc­ity for a hand­gun car­tridge.

Be­cause cop­per and poly­mer are longer for the cal­iber than lead and cop­per jack­eted bul­lets, and less dense, the bul­let weighs only 65 grains. The 9mm En­gage­ment Ex­treme Self De­fense load­ing fires a 65-grain cop­per-poly­mer bul­let in ex­cess of 1,500 fps. The bul­let will tend to break up on con­tact with hard sur­faces such as brick but pen­e­trates wall­board.

A stan­dard pres­sure load­ing breaks 1,575 fps while the +P load­ing with the same 65-grain bul­let reaches 1,655 fps. There is lit­tle dif­fer­ence in felt re­coil with the +P load­ing due to the light pro­jec­tile.

A less ex­pen­sive Cross Trainer Com­pe­ti­tion load in stan­dard and +P load­ings with a round nose bul­let is of­fered. The Cross Trainer Com­pe­ti­tion load­ing cost about the same for 51 rounds as the 26-round box per­sonal de­fense load­ing. That’s right, 51 and 26 rounds, which is un­con­ven­tional but in this day of high ca­pac­ity hand­guns an ex­tra round or two com­pared to a 20-round box of per­sonal de­fense loads is im­por­tant.

Above: NovX rounds use a poly­mer flute in the bul­let to in­sti­gate tis­sue da­m­age.

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