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All too of­ten I hear, “I train all the time,” which re­ally means, “I shoot all the time or at least two or three times a year and my factory box is my hol­ster and my tar­get is the Birch­wood Casey 10-pack I grabbed at Wal­mart for $9.99.”

I see shoot­ing as an ath­letic en­deavor, and any­one who wants to func­tion at a high level in any field of ath­let­ics needs a coach who can pro­vide feed­back and help the ath­lete im­prove their per­for­mance.

You may not be an ath­lete in the strictest sense as a com­pet­i­tive shooter, but if you want to pro­tect your­self, you need to en­sure that you can per­form as well with your guns and gear in all sit­u­a­tions.

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