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With many sights, you have to choose be­tween fast ac­qui­si­tion and pre­ci­sion. But Delta 1 Sights from Gun Pro aren’t your or­di­nary af­ter­mar­ket sights. They fea­ture a wide, or­ange front sight with an in­verted tri­an­gle notch on top. The rear is an acrylic, high-vis­i­bil­ity, lime green tri­an­gle. For quick ac­qui­si­tion, that large front sight jumps right up in front of you when you present your hand­gun on tar­get, and the wide notch pro­vides an ex­cel­lent, open view. But place the top of the tri­an­gle rear sight at the bot­tom of the front notch and that sin­gle-point align­ment pro­vides a high de­gree of pre­ci­sion for ac­cu­rate shot place­ment. Af­ter a few rounds to ad­just to the new sight pic­ture, these sights are very fast and ac­cu­rate. They are highly vis­i­ble in day­light and they’re also photo-lu­mi­nes­cent—once they’re ex­posed to some light, they glow in the dark. The sights are avail­able for Glock, Smith & Wes­son, Sig Sauer, Spring­field Ar­mory and 1911 (No­vak cut) pis­tols.

MSRP: $99Web­site: www.GunPro.US

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