The FMK Elite Pro Plus pis­tol fea­tures a threaded bar­rel, op­tics-ready slide and re­flex sight.

By Richard Schutz

You want to be ready for any­thing. And with the FMK Elite Pro Plus, you can have one pis­tol that’s fully loaded with fea­tures that can see you through ev­ery­thing from tough com­pe­ti­tions to the most dire, de­fen­sive sit­u­a­tions.

The FMK Elite Pro Plus is the lat­est in the com­pany’s line of com­pact striker-fired poly­mer pis­tols. It dif­fers from ear­lier FMK of­fer­ings in that it comes with a threaded bar­rel, op­tics-ready slide and a re­flex sight.


Its de­sign and phys­i­cal di­men­sions are very sim­i­lar to those of a Glock 19. In fact, I’m sure some would call it a copy of the Glock 19. I guess if you’re go­ing to pick some­thing to em­u­late, you might just as well start with the best.

It is very sim­i­lar in­deed to the Glock 19, but then, so are many other striker-fired poly­mer pis­tols built these days. Both front and rear sights are in­ter­change­able with Glock fac­tory or af­ter­mar­ket sights, but then, why not, when there are so many Glock sights al­ready avail­able? The FMK Elite Pro Plus is also dif­fer­ent from many of its com­peti­tors in that it has a vis­ual and tac­tile loaded cham­ber in­di­ca­tor lo­cated on the rear of the slide. It also has a sculpted slide with both front and rear cock­ing ser­ra­tions.


Any­one who is fa­mil­iar with the op­er­a­tion of a Glock pis­tol will be right at home with the FMK Elite Pro Plus. The op­er­a­tion in­clud­ing take­down mir­rors the way a Glock op­er­ates. The FMK Elite Pro Plus does not have in­ter­change­able back strap mod­ules but it does have a shock-ab­sorb­ing back strap to take the bite out of re­coil.

I found the FMK’s con­trols fa­mil­iar af­ter years of shoot­ing Glocks. The loaded cham­ber in­di­ca­tor on the back of the slide is a very nice ad­di­tion to the ba­sic striker-fired poly­mer pis­tol de­sign. An­other as­pect of the Elite Pro Plus de­sign that I like is the sculpted slide. The re­lief cuts into the sides of the slide from the rear of the front sight to the ejec­tion port not only give the pis­tol a unique look and lighten the pis­tol, but make it much eas­ier to grip the slide to rack it or pull it back a lit­tle for dis­as­sem­bly. The front slide ser­ra­tions will ap­peal to some, but I sel­dom find them use­ful.


Sights are Glock com­pat­i­ble and com­pletely in­ter­change­able. Both stan­dard height and sup­pres­sor sights are sup­plied with the FMK Elite Pro Plus. I in­stalled the sup­pres­sor height sights for use through the Bur­ris FASTFIRE 3 re­flex sight that was in­cluded as well. The front sight is re­tained by a screw from the un­der­side of the slide. The Glock front and rear sight tools work for re­mov­ing/in­stalling sights.

The Bur­ris FASTFIRE 3 re­flex sight comes unin­stalled, but it is easy to in­stall. Make sure that both mount­ing screws are tight and check them dur­ing at least your first range ses­sion. I had to tighten the ones on the pis­tol I was us­ing once af­ter the first few groups were fired. You may want to use a lit­tle re­mov­able thread locker on the screws. I did not find any torque spec­i­fi­ca­tions for those who want to use their Fat Wrench for the in­stal­la­tion.

The de­sign of the grip with slight fin­ger grooves, con­cave palm swells and the ver­ti­cal groove tex­tur­ing on the fin­ger groove area make the FMK Elite Pro Plus easy to grip se­curely. A sin­gle chan­nel rail sec­tion on the dust cover al­lows for the mount­ing of a small lights, laser or com­bi­na­tion unit.

A threaded bar­rel al­lows the easy at­tach­ment of a sup­pres­sor if you’ve gone down that rab­bit hole. FMK pro­vides a bar­rel thread pro­tec­tor if a muz­zle de­vice is not at­tached.


The FMK Elite se­ries in­cludes four mod­els. They are the Elite with an op­tic ready slide, the Elite Plus that in­cludes an op­tic ready rail and threaded bar­rel, the Elite Pro with a re­flex op­tic, and the Elite Pro Plus—the one I tested—that in­cludes a re­flex op­tic and a threaded bar­rel. They range in price from $475.95 to $679.95.

FMK also of­fers the 9C1 G2 9mm com­pact pis­tol. This se­cond-gen­er­a­tion model is the no-frills ver­sion of the Elite se­ries and is avail­able with the Fast Ac­tion trig­ger or a dou­ble-ac­tion-only trig­ger. These two trig­gers are in­ter­change­able, so if you buy a 9C1 G2 with one trig­ger and later change your mind, you can just swap out the trig­ger with a new one. The MSRP for the 9C1 G2 is $409.95 in­clud­ing two mag­a­zines, one front sight, two rear sights, gun oil, op­er­at­ing man­ual and a hard-plas­tic lock­ing case.


Two drop-free 14-round mag­a­zines are sup­plied with the pis­tol. These are high qual­ity steel mag­a­zines. They are not com­pat­i­ble with Glock mag­a­zines. All of the mag­a­zines worked flaw­lessly with the am­mu­ni­tion used.

For this eval­u­a­tion I chose to run seven dif­fer­ent fac­tory loads through the FMK Elite Pro Plus. Two were FMJ prac­tice loads, two were match loads and three were de­fen­sive hol­low­point loads. Bul­let weights ranged from 115 to 147 grains.

FKM Elite pis­tols are de­signed to be op­er­ated us­ing only stan­dard 9x19mm Luger/Para­bel­lum/Para am­mu­ni­tion. Am­mu­ni­tion des­ig­nated +P or +P+ must not be used in the FMK Elite pis­tol line.


I first broke in the Elite Pro Plus with 30 rounds of ball and match am­mu­ni­tion. Dur­ing those 30 rounds, I ex­pe­ri­enced two oc­ca­sions where the slide failed to re­turn to bat­tery. A sim­ple nudge with my thumb cor­rected the si­t­u­a­tion each time.

I then be­gan the ac­cu­racy eval­u­a­tion by fir­ing three, five-shot groups us­ing fac­tory am­mu­ni­tion. I had a few fail­ures to go into bat­tery dur­ing this time up un­til round num­ber 88. Af­ter that I ex­pe­ri­enced no fur­ther prob­lems. The bulk of the prob­lem was with Aguila 124-grain FMJ am­mu­ni­tion.

Hor­nady Crit­i­cal Duty 135-grain FlexLock am­mu­ni­tion pro­vided the best av­er­age for three, five-shot groups at 3.27 inches. Aguila 124-grain FMJ am­mu­ni­tion was a close se­cond at 3.35 inches. Four loads shot groups from just over 3 inches to just over

4 inches at 25 yards. Beyond that, groups opened up sig­nif­i­cantly. The Elite Pro Plus def­i­nitely pre­ferred cer­tain fac­tory loads over oth­ers. All guns have their pref­er­ences re­gard­ing am­mu­ni­tion, but the FMK Elite Pro Plus’ pref­er­ences were a lit­tle more pro­nounced than some. But then, you re­ally only need one good prac­tice round and one good de­fen­sive round.


The grip was com­fort­able, even for my small hands. Some peo­ple with large hands will prob­a­bly wish for back strap mod­ules, but I found the grip com­fort­able without them. I also did not have a prob­lem with the fin­ger grooves on the front of the grip. Some will com­plain about them, but not me. I am equally at home with or without them as long as they aren’t too pro­nounced. I could wish for a bet­ter trig­ger, but such is the way with many striker-fired pis­tols. Trig­ger feel is sub­jec­tive, but I did find that the trig­ger had quite a bit of “less-than-smooth” take-up be­fore hit­ting a wall, then break­ing af­ter ad­di­tional pres­sure was ap­plied. The feel re­minded me more of an M&P than a Glock.

Any­one who car­ries a Glock 19 or M&P Com­pact pis­tol as an EDC gun will find the FMK Elite Pro Plus equally con­ceal­able. More and more peo­ple are us­ing re­flex sights on their carry guns these days, so the Elite Pro Plus fits the bill there, too. If you don’t want a re­flex sight on your EDC pis­tol, just re­move it and use the sup­plied sights.

Un­for­tu­nately, at the time of this eval­u­a­tion, I could not find a con­cealed


carry hol­ster that is com­pat­i­ble with the FMK Elite Pro Plus pis­tol. Even though its di­men­sions are very sim­i­lar to those of the Glock 19, the trig­ger guard is dif­fer­ent. This rules out us­ing any fit­ted Glock hol­sters be­cause they re­tain the trig­ger guard.

Us­ing a re­flex sight on an EDC pis­tol adds to the prob­lem of con­ceal­ment. Ev­ery­thing that is added to a carry gun makes it more dif­fi­cult to con­ceal. Then there is the need to turn on the sight be­fore or while you are bring­ing it to bear in an emer­gency. At least with the FMK Elite Pro Plus, there are sup­pres­sor height sights to use if the re­flex sight is not turned on or if Mr. Mur­phy rears his ugly head dur­ing a match or a gun fight.

Over­all, the FMK Elite Pro Plus shot ac­cept­ably when fed a proper diet of 9mm Luger am­mu­ni­tion. As with any EDC or com­pe­ti­tion gun, put at least 500 rounds through it to ver­ify re­li­a­bil­ity be­fore you start car­ry­ing it.


The FMK Elite Pro Plus per­forms its job well at a price about $150 be­low the com­pe­ti­tion. A threaded bar­rel, two sets of sights (in­clud­ing sup­pres­sor-height sights) and a qual­ity re­flex sight are also pro­vided in the pack­age.

When it comes to EDC or com­pact com­pe­ti­tion pis­tols, you can choose from many re­li­able pis­tols. The FMK Elite Pro Plus is def­i­nitely more af­ford­able than many. Much of the choice is a mat­ter of feel and pref­er­ence. Con­sider what fea­tures are im­por­tant to you and how much are you will­ing to pay for them.

The FMK Elite Pro Plus or one of its sib­lings might be just the one for you and al­low you to take the money that you saved and spend it on am­mu­ni­tion and train­ing. Af­ter all, buy­ing an EDC pis­tol is just the be­gin­ning. CC

Right: As with sim­i­lar striker-fired poly­mer pis­tols, the FMK Elite Pro Plus pis­tol uses a tilt­ing bar­rel de­sign. A thread pro­tec­tor is pro­vided to pro­tect the bar­rel’s threads when a sup­pres­sor or other muz­zle de­vice is not in­stalled.

This view of the frame from the top shows the front and rear slide rail in­serts, slide stop with leaf spring, lock­ing block, left side slide lock and trig­ger bar. There are some cos­metic dif­fer­ences, but they are very sim­i­lar to those found in a Glock 19.

Be­low:This view of the as­sem­bled slide re­veals the re­coil spring as­sem­bly, bar­rel, fir­ing pin (striker) block and the rear of the striker.

Bot­tom: A field­stripped slide shows the bar­rel, re­coil rod as­sem­bly and slide. The light­en­ing cutout in the top of the slide is for weight re­duc­tion only.

Far Right: This FMK Elite Pro Plus has a burnt bronze poly­mer frame and is also avail­able in black and O.D. green. Along with the Bur­ris Fastfire 3 re­flex sight, sup­pres­sor height sights have been in­stalled. These are pro­vided with the Pro Plus pack­age. Be­low: The Bur­ris FASTFIRE 3 re­flex sight has a 3 MOA red dot with three in­ten­sity set­tings. Ac­cess to the bat­tery com­part­ment is from the top of the sight so it is not nec­es­sary to re­move the sight from the pis­tol to re­place the bat­tery. Bot­tom Right: Sup­pres­sor height sights are use­able through the Bur­ris FASTFIRE 3 sight.

Right: This filler plate is re­moved for the in­stal­la­tion of a re­flex sight. Two sets of mount­ing holes are un­der­neath the plate. Un­like some other well-known pis­tols, mount­ing screws are in­stalled from the top, through the Re­flex sight first, for easy ac­cess.

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