Concealed Carry Hand Guns - - EXPERT’S CORNER -

The pre­ferred method of pocket carry for the M3 pis­tols is with the bar­rel pointed up and the folded grip for­ward. This al­lows the shooter’s strong-side hand to grab the pis­tol grip in the proper ori­en­ta­tion while with­draw­ing the pis­tol from a pocket.

Once the pis­tol is clear of the pocket, the weak-side hand un­folds the frame and slide as­sem­bly from the grip and locks it into place. As the strong-side hand con­tin­ues the route up and out, the op­po­site hand finds its grip in the sup­port po­si­tion as the gun is pressed for­ward and the sights are aligned. If you prac­tice suf­fi­ciently, you will be able to draw ei­ther the M3D or M3S from con­ceal­ment and get on tar­get quickly.

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