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Walther is now of­fer­ing an M2 ver­sion of its CCP (Con­cealed Carry Pis­tol) in 9mm. The most wel­come change is that it now of­fers tool-less take­down. A take­down switch has been added to the back of the slide to fa­cil­i­tate easy dis­as­sem­bly. Also new is the red tip to the end of the striker, easy to see when the striker is cocked. The CCP was al­ways dif­fer­ent from other 9mm pis­tols in that it fea­tures a fixed bar­rel and a gas-de­layed blow­back ac­tion. There’s a small port in­side the bar­rel, for­ward of the cham­ber, that chan­nels some gas into a pis­ton lo­cated in a cylin­der be­low the bar­rel when the gun is fired. The fixed bar­rel en­hances ac­cu­racy, and the gas sys­tem re­duces re­coil and al­lows for re­duced re­sis­tance when ma­nip­u­lat­ing the slide. This pis­tol uses an eight-round mag­a­zine, has slide ser­ra­tions front and back, a Pi­catinny ac­ces­sory rail and three-dot fixed sights. MSRP: $469 Web: www.WaltherArms.com

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