Why you should still look at a house with­out curb ap­peal?

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Many home buy­ers just can’t see past a home’s out­side ap­pear­ance, and would prob­a­bly can­cel a show­ing based upon a drive- by, but think again. There are rea­sons to go in­side.

That house could be beau­ti­ful in­side, and very few peo­ple would even con­sider go­ing in. That could eas­ily trans­late to thou­sands of dol­lars that you can save, be­cause of lit­tle com­pe­ti­tion and less like­li­hood of a bid­ding war.

Some home­own­ers are more con­cerned with what they look at on a day- to- day ba­sis in­side, as op­posed to out­side. Just be­cause a home has an unattrac­tive sid­ing color or over­grown land­scap­ing does not mean the in­te­rior is less than de­sir­able.

It truly comes down to vi­sion. Equate it to some­one else’s loss and your gain. Hav­ing an open mind upon see­ing a home’s ex­te­rior that is not as ap­peal­ing as you would like can, and most al­ways will, ap­peal to your wal­let much more.

Look at it this way: Would you rather buy a house that looked gor­geous out­side, but the kitchen needed re­mod­el­ing? There is a big cost dif­fer­ence be­tween re­mod­el­ing a kitchen as op­posed to a lit­tle some­thing out­side, which will be a lot less. Re­mem­ber, you live in­side the house — en­joy the beauty of the in­te­rior and work on the out­side later.

If your agent knows you well enough, there is a rea­son why they made an ap­point­ment to see that house. Maybe the in­side has ev­ery­thing you want, and more. If it’s just a mat­ter of re­plac­ing shut- ters, ad­ding some land­scap­ing or an­other mi­nor fix, go in­side.

The next time your agent takes you to an unattrac­tive house, just go in. The seller has had to re­duce or dis­count the prop­erty to get peo­ple to even go in­side, so take ad­van­tage of that op­por­tu­nity. You might be sur­prised at how nice the in­te­rior is, and you’ll be very happy for the thou­sands of dol­lars you can save be­cause of it.

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