Get to know the liv­ing God by an­swer­ing his three calls

Connecticut Post - - ADVICE/GAMES - From the writ­ings of the Rev. Billy Gra­ham

Dear Dr. Gra­ham: What does it mean to re­ceive a call­ing in life? C.O.

Dear C.O.: God is a per­sonal God. He is not lofty. His Word tells us that he calls out to sinners — that is any­one ever born.

God makes three calls. First, he calls us to the Per­son of Je­sus Christ: “‘Come now, and let us rea­son to­gether,’ says the lord, ‘Though your sins are like scar­let, they shall be as white as snow’” (Isa­iah 1:18). They can be made as white as snow be­cause of the cross where he died to cleanse us and save us for eter­nity. This is not a church call, it’s not a fam­ily call and it’s not a na­tional call. It’s a call to Christ.

God also calls us to con­se­cra­tion. This is a word not used much any­more and it is too bad. It means to “set apart.” The Bi­ble says, “Present your bod­ies a liv­ing sac­ri­fice, holy, ac­cept­able to God” (Ro­mans 12:1).

God calls us to serve him. Many peo­ple have the wrong con­cept of what this means. Put sim­ply, it means to ac­knowl­edge him and obey him ac­cord­ing to his Word.

If you are a den­tist or a lawyer or a stay-at-home mother, get to know the Word of God and ap­ply it daily to every phase of your life. Do not wait for a wind to come along and blow you in any di­rec­tion. Make it your pur­pose in life to do the will of God which is re­vealed in Scrip­ture. It will change your life in remarkable ways that you can­not imag­ine. Surrender ev­ery­thing to him be­cause he has a plan for you.

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