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Pa­per cones are an easy and fun way to hand out per­fectly pro­por­tioned serv­ings of pop­corn. Just fol­low the sim­ple steps be­low.

Trim your pat­terned pa­per into a square so that all sides are equal. For a nau­ti­cal theme, choose stripes, an­chors or seashells for the pat­tern. Switch up the pa­per to in­di­cate dif­fer­ent fla­vors of pop­corn.

Fold the square in half to form a tri­an­gle.

With the top of the tri­an­gle point­ing away from you, bring two cor­ners to­ward each other, over­lap­ping each cor­ner and wrap­ping each end around un­til they start to form a cone. To main­tain the cir­cu­lar shape, do not firmly crease the cone.

Tape the in­side of the cone to­gether, and then just fill it with pop­corn. Ar­range your cones in a milk crate for a fun dis­play.

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