How to Keep It Co­he­sive

The Heusen home is a won­der­ful ex­am­ple of con­sis­tent de­sign. Feel­ing in­spired? Here are Lidia’s top five tips for keep­ing each room dis­tinct yet co­he­sive through­out a house.

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1. Your house should tell your own story. If you do that ev­ery­where, there will be co­he­sive­ness no mat­ter what.

2. Carry one de­sign el­e­ment through­out your home.

3. Use one paint color, prefer­ably a neu­tral, in all the liv­ing spa­ces. Then just change up the ac­ces­sories!

4. Opt for light fix­tures in the same fin­ish, like matte black for in­stance, but with dif­fer­ent com­ple­men­tary styles.

5. In your home, have only things that you love or that serve a pur­pose. Every­thing not fall­ing into one of these two cat­e­gories should go.

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