Hol­i­day Magic

Trans­form every­day house­hold goods and vintage wares into whim­si­cal dec­o­ra­tions.

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Take away novel ideas for turn­ing house­hold goods and vintage wares into whim­si­cal dec­o­ra­tions.

Yes, we need a lit­tle Christ­mas right this very minute.

Raid your kitchen cup­boards or seek out kitchen and house­ware col­lectibles to com­bine with craft-store com­po­nents for dis­tinc­tive decor for your hol­i­day home.

Glass­ware Globes

Minia­ture win­ter won­der­lands glis­ten from un­der­neath stem­less glass­ware. For these up­cy­cled icy vi­gnettes, glue dec­o­ra­tive knobs to the bot­toms of old glasses, and turn them up­side down atop dessert plates, can­dle­hold­ers or com­potes onto which you’ve placed lit­tle hol­i­day fig­urines.

Can­ning Sieve Christ­mas Tree

Flip a vintage cone-shaped can­ning sieve up­side down and it in­stantly takes on a tree shape. Re­move the sieve’s han­dle and at­tach var­i­ous metal scrap­book­ing charms all over the sieve to serve as or­na­ments. Glue the charms to tiny metal brads and poke the brads through the holes in the sieve to se­cure the charms in place. Or, sim­ply glue the charms di­rectly to the sieve. Build the base of the tree by screw­ing a wooden spool to a star­shaped tart pan; glue in place for more sta­bil­ity. In­sert a dowel into the spool and set the sieve atop the dowel. Tap a nail through the hole in the tip of the sieve and into the dowel to se­cure. Glue a metal star to the top for the fin­ish­ing touch.

Lunch Box Dio­rama

Bring the sea­son to life in a vintage plaid lunch box. Set the lunch box on its end with the door open. Cut pieces of black scrap­book pa­per to line the back and in­side edges. Use a white col­ored pen­cil to scribe your hol­i­day wish and then at­tach the pa­per with dou­ble-sided tape. Cut a piece of card­board to fit the bot­tom and then cut a slightly larger piece of white felt to cover the card­board. Cut foam balls in half and tuck them un­der­neath the felt if you’d like to cre­ate hills. Ar­range a lit­tle glit­ter­cov­ered cabin, brush trees, a snow­man, sled and pack­ages on the dis­play, glu­ing them in place. Fi­nally, ad­here scrap­book snowflakes all around.

Stock­ing Kitchen Caddy

Swap out your every­day uten­sil holder for this fes­tive one. Hang a Christ­mas stock­ing from a rolling pin by stitch­ing two long loops of rib­bon to the in­ner sides of the stock­ing and then slid­ing the rib­bon loops over the rolling pin han­dles. Tie a wider dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon to the rolling pin, and hang your hol­i­day uten­sil holder on a cab­i­net door or wall.

Cook­ware Gar­lands

These kitchen gar­lands are eas­ily made with raf­fia rib­bon, wooden spoons, red and green cookie cut­ters and wooden beads. Cut and drill the spoons your­self, but then let the kids string the ac­tual gar­lands to make it a fam­ily af­fair.

Cookie cut­ters come in such fun shapes that they prac­ti­cally beg to be turned into de­light­ful gar­lands! Start by thread­ing raf­fia rib­bon through a large wooden bead about 12" from the end, then run the raf­fia through a cookie cut­ter and back up through the bead. Snug the bead up against the top of the cookie cut­ter. About 5" farther, re­peat with an­other bead and cookie cut­ter, and con­tinue thread­ing on beads and cut­ters un­til about 12" from the end of the raf­fia. Be sure to al­ter­nate the beads and cookie cut­ters so you have red beads against green cut­ters and vice versa. Thread a sin­gle bead onto each of the raf­fia ends, make a loop in the raf­fia, and then thread the ends back through the beads and knot them to form hang­ers.

Wooden spoons strung to­gether with col­or­ful wooden beads form an­other merry gar­land. Trim the han­dles of sev­eral wooden spoons so each spoon mea­sures 7½". Next, drill a small hole from the side through each han­dle just above the bowl. Thread a spoon onto raf­fia rib­bon and slide it to the mid­dle of the raf­fia length. Thread on a nat­u­ral-col­ored bead, a solid-col­ored bead and an­other nat­u­ral bead. Then, slide on an­other spoon and three more beads. Con­tinue to fill out each side of the gar­land, al­ter­nat­ing the color of the mid­dle bead as spoons are added, and end­ing with sev­eral al­ter­nat­ing beads. Thread a sin­gle bead onto each of the raf­fia ends, make a loop in the raf­fia, and then thread the ends back through the beads and knot them to form hang­ers.

Soda Crate Cal­en­dar

Since it’s al­ready di­vided into 24 com­part­ments, an old-fash­ioned soda crate is an ideal piece to trans­form into a vintage-style Ad­vent cal­en­dar. Turn the box on its end so the small cub­bies face out­ward. Ad­here cir­cu­lar wood bingo num­bers un­der each com­part­ment, mak­ing the top of the box be num­ber 25. You can of­ten find bingo num­bers at craft or hobby re­tail­ers on­line. Fill each cu­bi­cle with a trea­sured fam­ily or­na­ment, and set aside spe­cial fam­ily time each day for one mem­ber of the fam­ily to take out the or­na­ment for that day and place it on the tree. Or, if you’d rather have your box fill up to cre­ate a nice dis­play by Christ­mas, keep the or­na­ments in a dec­o­ra­tive bas­ket next to the wooden box, and every day, place an­other or­na­ment in a cubby un­til the box is com­pletely full by De­cem­ber 25.

Shin­ing Swag

Cre­ate a small, sen­ti­men­tal ban­ner to grace a chair back, man­tel, mir­ror or win­dow.


• Medium kraft round metal-trim gift tags

• Pen­cil

• Red fine-point metal­lic marker

• Green fine-point metal­lic marker

• Small paint­brush

• Craft glue

• Red glit­ter

• Green glit­ter

• Thin dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon


1. Se­lect a type font for let­ter­ing and print out “Merry Christ­mas” or other hol­i­day phrase at de­sired size.

2. Trace a let­ter in the cen­ter of each gift tag. 3. Plan on al­ter­nat­ing the col­ors of the let­ters to recre­ate a vintage feel. Out­line each let­ter in ap­pro­pri­ate marker.

4. Us­ing a small paint­brush, coat in­side the let­ter with glue and add the match­ing color glit­ter. Let dry.

5. Trace around the let­ter’s edge with the op­po­site color marker, trac­ing the red glit­ter let­ters with green marker and the green glit­ter let­ters with red marker.

6. Tie your fin­ished let­ters onto a thin dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon, spac­ing them evenly.

7. Ar­range the knots so the tags will lie flat.

8. Tie the swag onto the back of a chair or man­tel with bows at each end. The 2017 is­sue of Coun­try Sam­pler Christ­mas Dec­o­rat­ing (see the ad on page 47) is cur­rently avail­able where

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