No wa­ter needed! These easy DIY fab­ric flow­ers make a fresh and ev­er­last­ing bou­quet.

Country Sampler's Prairie Style - - Hand -

MA­TE­RI­ALS Scraps of fab­ric in pinks and greens or col­ors of choice (small pat­terns work best) Won­der Un­der fusible web Kraft pa­per Pen­cil Self-cover but­tons Sewing cot­ton Toning em­broi­dery floss Craft wire for stems Nee­dle Pink­ing shears (op­tional)


IN­STRUC­TIONS 1. CHOOSE TWO SHADES of soft pink fab­ric to make the front and back of the pe­tals. Bond these to­gether with Won­der Un­der. 2. US­ING KRAFT PA­PER AND A PEN­CIL, make a tem­plate for the pe­tals and the leaves in the sizes you want. Cut out 12 in­di­vid­ual petal shapes from the bonded fab­ric (enough for one flower head). Also cut out a ¾-inch-di­am­e­ter cir­cle from the green fab­ric. (It will look pret­tier if you use pink­ing shears to cre­ate a zigzag edge.) 3. FOLD EACH PETAL IN HALF length­wise and crease with your fin­gers to give it a curved shape. Hold the green cir­cle of fab­ric wrong side up and sew each petal onto it at the crease. You will need to po­si­tion the pe­tals close to­gether to get the best ef­fect, so don’t sew them flat; keep them folded and as close to­gether as you can. Work all around the edge of the cir­cle un­til all 12 pe­tals are at­tached. 4. TO CRE­ATE THE FLOWER CEN­TER, cut a toning 1-inch-di­am­e­ter cir­cle of fab­ric and em­broi­der a lit­tle group of French knots in the cen­ter. 5. MAKE A ROW OF SMALL RUN­NING STITCHES around the edge of the fab­ric and pull gen­tly to gather. Put this over a self-cover but­ton, pull tight and add the back over the but­ton to seal in all the raw edges. 6. TAKE A LENGTH of craft wire just over dou­ble the length you’d like your fin­ished stems to be. Thread it through the shank of the but­ton un­til it’s half­way through, and then twist the wire and knot the ends. 7. POKE A SMALL HOLE in the cen­ter of your pe­tals and push the craft-wire stem through. Push un­til the but­ton sits snugly among the pe­tals. You may need a stitch or two to se­cure it. 8. ONCE YOU HAVE MADE as many flow­ers as you like, you will need leaves to com­plete the look. Use your leaf tem­plate to cut six shapes from scraps of the green fab­ric. This will make one three-leaf sprig. 9. TAKE THREE LENGTHS of craft wire, fold in half and twist to make a stem for each leaf. Make the top twist as a loop, and then put this be­tween two of your fab­ric leaves (wrong sides to­gether). Thread your nee­dle with em­broi­dery floss and stitch around the edges of the leaves to join them. Make sure your first stitches catch through the wire loop to se­cure it. Add a few run­ning stitches down the cen­ter of the leaves to make veins. 10. WHEN YOU HAVE MADE three leaves, twist all the stems to­gether to make one sprig. Make as many sprigs as you like.


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