“Paint and pat­tern are in­stant rein­ven­tion.”

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DEB­BIE HAYES DOESN’T JUST PUT PAINT to work to cover items in color. Her brush strokes are thought­fully placed to add char­ac­ter and in­ter­est to a plethora of found ob­jects. She knows how to re­cast al­most any item with style and aplomb. A visit to her home is a real escape into the power of paint on coun­try relics. There is al­most noth­ing that Deb­bie’s paint­brush doesn’t touch, from sten­cil­ing on fab­ric to art­fully re­verse paint­ing on glass. Her home is filled with her own cre­ations and is def­i­nitely a re­flec­tion of her style.

Clever de­sign abounds. Deb­bie has a way of re­cast­ing ev­ery­thing as art.

Add a layer of de­sign to any item in min­utes with a sten­cil.

Large pieces of co­ral mix well with old pot­tery—a col­lec­tion that is per­son­ally Deb­bie.

COLOR AND PAT­TERN is where it’s at for Deb­bie. In­tri­cate graph­ics, color co­or­di­na­tion, tex­ture and style all merge to cre­ate her own dis­tinc­tive look. Her stu­dio, web­site, and work with paint en­trepreneurs is about ex­press­ing one­self—find­ing the thread to your own artis­tic sen­si­bil­ity and per­sonal style. Her home and stu­dio abound with projects, in­spi­ra­tion, and stud­ies of pat­tern and color. 1. Brushes are the way to ap­ply paint and pat­tern and personalize a piece. 2. A vin­tage door from a lo­cal yard sale speaks to Deb­bie’s love of graph­ics, de­sign and color. 3. Re­verse paint­ing on glass shows how lay­er­ing paint and color can cre­ate a unique and beau­ti­ful de­sign. 4. Color­ful fish­ing floats sparkle and in­spire like Deb­bie’s work.

A fold­ing room screen is sim­ply three pan­eled window shut­ters hinged to­gether. Deb­bie’s paint brush and art­ful eye make it a work of art.

Sten­cils, faux fin­ishes and de­tailed pat­terns are all part of Deb­bie’s reper­toire. A wall- mounted wood head­board is first washed in color and then in­tri­cately pat­terned. Deb­bie’s at­ten­tion to de­tail and all the paint lay­ers cre­ate a truly time­worn patina.

“Make it your own” is a def­i­nite mantra for Deb­bie, who also teaches classes and ad­vises paint re­tail­ers on dis­play and busi­ness strat­egy. An old wardrobe gets a Scan­di­na­vian flair with sil­very white sten­cils of an­i­mals. The cen­ter of a stor­age cup­board is a fo­cal point with a sub­tle medal­lion graphic. A vin­tage golden “H” is a cel­e­brated trade­mark in the Hayes home.

Add a frame around any ob­ject to cre­ate in­stant art.

A wired light fix­ture is wrapped in jute twine to cre­ate con­trast and add tex­ture. In­vert a wire egg bas­ket and make your own light fix­ture. Need a valance? Deb­bie topped a window with a vin­tage sign to amp up in­ter­est be­yond a reg­u­lar fab­ric cur­tain.

A vin­tage cup­board in old green paint an­chors a cor­ner of Deb­bie’s liv­ing room in pe­riod style. It’s a cu­rio of her fa­vorite finds from the vin­tage world, na­ture and her love of cats.

Deb­bie’s “can do” at­ti­tude en­gages vis­i­tors to re­ally want to repli­cate her style. A round li­brary ta­ble is re­cast with an easy but in­tri­cate sten­cil bor­der.

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