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can some­times be born of the sim­plest of ideas. Patti Carew, home­owner and botan­i­cal lover, wanted to im­prove her yard with some pretty plants and gar­dens. Al­ways in­trigued with laven­der, she de­cided to or­der a few spec­i­mens from a rep­utable grower and born was a field of fra­grant, bloom­ing laven­der. Not one to stop there, she de­cided to hold an­nual laven­der days, dur­ing which she could in­vite folks to visit and cut their own blooms and en­joy some of the prod­ucts she cre­ates with her col­or­ful har­vest.

When the laven­der blooms in July, Patti opens her yard to laven­der lovers from all over. She has vin­tage car­ri­ers and wood trays for gath­er­ing, such as this one sten­ciled with “Provence” on its side. Visi­tors clip bun­dles and Patti helps them to tie them off into bou­quets.

1. Laven­der devo­tees cut their own fresh stems.

2. Patti cre­ates more even stems by layering the cuts in an or­ga­nized bou­quet.

3. Once neatly or­ga­nized, Patti bun­dles the bou­quet with twine to fash­ion a stand­ing fra­grant top­i­ary that will dry nicely.

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