Lots of Laughs

Un­wel­come pos­sums just can’t say no to the cat food bowl.


An un­in­vited guest helps it­self to the cat’s sup­per.

Ihad fi­nally con­vinced my hus­band to in­stall a cat door on the en­trance to our back porch. The four kit­ties could now come and go as they pleased. But those silly fe­lines could not fig­ure out how to use it. We tried talk­ing them through it, but that wasn’t work­ing.

Then late one night, I heard a loud crunch­ing com­ing from the back porch. I won­dered which of the cats was eat­ing din­ner at that hour and why so loudly. I got up to check, and there was a large pos­sum feed­ing at the cat bowl. He fig­ured out how to use the cat door and marched right in. When I star­tled it, the cats watched it leave, and by golly, they fi­nally fig­ured out the cat door, too.

Thank you, Mr. Pos­sum. No need to come back—your work here is done.

Dur­ing a win­ter many years later, I no­ticed a stray cat in our gar­den shed. He had got­ten in through a lit­tle notch that my hus­band cut be­side the door so the rid­ing mower deck would fit through, and we had for­got­ten to put a board over it for the win­ter. The half-grown cat was stay­ing in there to keep warm, and I started feed­ing him. I even made a nice bed in an old cooler, com­plete with a blan­ket, to keep him cozy.

Most days he would greet me when I went out to feed him. One dark morn­ing he wasn’t at the door. I checked the cooler-bed. Star­ing back at my flash­light glare was a fat pos­sum. So fat, in fact, I wasn’t sure how he fit through the notch. But I was pretty sure I now knew why the young kitty wasn’t get­ting any big­ger. He was the vic­tim of an­other pos­sum-led cat food caper.

How many times do we have to tell you, Mr. Pos­sum? No need to come back!

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