The Name Game

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grand­daugh­ter, loves to be out­side. Ev­ery­thing she sees is a new ad­ven­ture. She is en­joy­ing fall, tak­ing walks in the park and around her neigh­bor­hood. I love ex­plor­ing with

Bai­ley, see­ing how ex­cited she is to learn about the good earth as she picks up a pretty rock or spots a bird nest.

As we walk along, I use an as­so­ci­a­tion tech­nique to teach her the names of things. When Bai­ley stops to pick up a fallen red or yel­low leaf, I tell her it's fall be­cause the leaves have fallen. Now, when she sees a leaf on the ground, she says it is fall.

When she sees a grasshop­per on the grass, I tell her that grasshop­pers are so named be­cause they are usu­ally found on the grass and they are al­ways hop­ping. Now, she ex­plains how al­most ev­ery­thing she sees or touches got its name, and her vo­cab­u­lary is grow­ing.

Re­cently, while driv­ing home with Bai­ley and her mom from a visit to the pump­kin patch, we took the scenic route through coun­try­side sur­rounded by cot­ton fields. As we ap­proached the fields of white cot­ton, Bai­ley shouted, “Look, Mimi, see the cot­ton ball patch?” She has mas­tered see­ing and mak­ing con­nec­tions.


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