Mes­sages of Love


in the De­cem­ber/ Jan­uary 2015 is­sue of Coun­try about a Christ­mas or­na­ment that broke while the daugh­ter was putting up her par­ents’ tree. When the bulb broke, the fam­ily found a small note in­side. It was from the girl’s fa­ther to her mother and sim­ply stated, “I love you.”

I, too, had a glass or­na­ment that my mother-in-law had given to me a few years be­fore she passed away. It made a sound when I shook it, but I never thought about why. Upon read­ing this story, I found that the or­na­ment had a small note in­side that read, “May your trou­bles be less, your bless­ings be more, and noth­ing but hap­pi­ness pass through your door.”

In­spired by the ar­ti­cle, I asked my par­ents, now in their 80s, to make or­na­ments with spe­cial notes in them for their chil­dren, grand­chil­dren and great-grand­chil­dren. We gave them out on Christ­mas Eve, and every­one was over­joyed.

It’s a bless­ing to have my par­ents, and I en­joy ev­ery day I have with them. When they are gone, these or­na­ments will re­mind the fam­ily of their love and kind­ness.


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