The Turkey Snatcher

While we re­laxed in the liv­ing room, another fam­ily mem­ber raided the kitchen.


’Twas an hour af­ter din­ner and full we all felt; Grandpa and Dad had un­done their belts. Mom and I turned on the big foot­ball game And tried to re­mem­ber our team mas­cot’s name.

Out in the kitchen we heard such a clat­ter; There the dog had found the turkey left on a plat­ter. Some of us rushed from the room with a frown. Grandpa for­got his belt so his pants fell down.

The dog we all chased at a very hur­ried pace As pieces of turkey were left all over the place. In the dog’s mouth, the turkey was held high; As I reached out I was able to save a thigh.

Stuff­ing was flung all over the floor

As the fright­ened dog ran for the lit­tle pet door.

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