On the Farm

The life lessons, strong val­ues and cher­ished mem­o­ries I’ve gained from the farm will stay in my heart for­ever.


Lessons in faith and hard work will stay in her heart for­ever.

As the sun be­gins to peek over the barn, the sunrise paints a col­or­ful image in the abun­dant sky. Morn­ing is upon us. I rise from bed and make my way to the creaky old stair­case where my worn boots, faded base­ball cap and warm over­sized jacket hang.

As I begin to throw on my gear for the day, I can’t forget the tra­di­tion we have at the farm. Cof­fee be­fore chores, al­ways. Some­times it seems as if a strong cup of cof­fee is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Cof­fee with Grandpa is when he and I make small talk and dis­cuss the busi­ness that needs to be taken care of through­out our work day. Be­cause it takes awhile, we drink our fair share.

My days al­ways begin the same—cold and still half asleep, I begin to trudge out the door. I walk the bumpy dirt path to our tall, white-brick barn, and the cool breeze hits me. It sends a mil­lion shivers run­ning through­out my body, as if I had been shocked by an elec­tric fence.

The barn door squeaks open, and lights il­lu­mi­nate where my day will be spent, where count­less hours of hard work will take place.

Fam­ily and faith come first on the farm, and fam­ily means the world to me. With­out them, I don’t know how I could be where I am to­day. Fam­ily mem­bers al­ways sup­port, they al­ways teach and they are al­ways there.

The Bible states, “I can do all things through Christ who strength­ens me.” And I couldn’t find that to be more true. On the farm, you need a strong faith that the weather will co­op­er­ate so your crop can be large and abun­dant. Faith that no sick­ness will fall upon your fam­ily or your herd. Faith that ev­ery new day will bring new op­por­tu­ni­ties.

You need to wake up with a dif­fer­ent mind­set from most peo­ple. Farm­ing is about mak­ing mis­takes ev­ery day and get­ting thrown down in the dirt, but hav­ing the courage—and strength—to stand back up and brush your­self off.

Some think farm­ing is easy.

I’m here to say it can be done, but it will be far from easy. You will get ooz­ing blis­ters, mus­cles that feel torn, and you’ll feel like giv­ing up. But ev­ery mo­ment is worth it.

When I hear the ex­pres­sion, “Were you born in a barn?” I just smile and an­swer con­fi­dently, “I sure was, and I’m proud of it.” Hard work, de­ter­mi­na­tion, good man­ners and a strong faith come from the farm. But those things are hard to come by, and that’s why many ques­tion why some­one would choose this life­style.

Peo­ple may see me as just an old-school farm kid who en­joys dirt un­der her fin­ger­nails and finds bal­ing hay to be a good time. They may look at me as if I’m a crazy per­son who needs to get with the times and tech­nol­ogy.

But I look at them with eyes of pas­sion when I speak of the farm. In life, you need to find a pas­sion and never stop un­til that dream you’ve longed for and worked hard for comes true.

Since be­fore I could re­mem­ber, I was out in the fields with Grandpa Cur­tis and the hitched team. My feet were dan­gling from the plow seat. We would talk about any­thing and ev­ery­thing as the sun beat down. I would sit wide-eyed with a de­lighted smile that stretched from ear-to-ear.

The farm isn’t just a bumpy dirt road lead­ing to that run­down barn that smells of hay and ma­nure. The happy mem­o­ries and sto­ries I’ve gained will stick with me for­ever.

I’ve learned from be­ing a farm kid all my life that noth­ing will ever come eas­ily to those who don’t try. Any­thing can be done. It’s just a mat­ter of how far you are will­ing to go to make that hap­pen.

Life is full of ad­ven­ture, bumpy paths and windy roads. You need to be ac­cept­ing of new ex­pe­ri­ences and ideas, es­pe­cially on the farm.

I’ve learned never to take things for granted, be­cause our time on this Earth is limited. Make the most out of ev­ery sec­ond.

This fam­ily farm will hold a spe­cial place in my heart as life’s jour­ney con­tin­ues, and as I go on to study farm op­er­a­tion and man­age­ment at Ridge­wa­ter Col­lege.

And when I bag up all my life lessons, mem­o­ries and take­aways to fol­low that dirt road to a big­ger, brighter field, I know I will never leave a shadow over my fam­ily or faith. I will let the bright light shine down upon them.

No mat­ter what my fu­ture holds, you’ll find me out in that field do­ing what I love—farm­ing.

“Farm­ing is about mak­ing mis­takes ev­ery day and get­ting thrown down in the dirt, but hav­ing the courage—and strength—to stand back up and brush your­self off.” – BRIT­TANY HIRSCH

Brit­tany fondly re­calls child­hood rides with Grandpa Cur­tis.

No mat­ter what this farm girl’s fu­ture holds, she will al­ways re­turn to the land she loves.

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