Look­ing Back

An Easter fi­asco sends the adults on the hunt.


This Easter egg hunt had the adults work­ing over­time.

One Easter week­end, my in-laws, John and Corky, planned a big egg hunt at my daugh­ter’s house. They bought 96 plas­tic eggs and lots of candy to fill them. John and I would hide the eggs, and then my younger chil­dren and grand­chil­dren would hunt for them.

“You think you can find some good hid­ing places?” John asked.

“Not only can I find some great places to hide the eggs,” I joked, “but with my mem­ory, I’ll never be able to find them all.”

He laughed. “If there’s candy in them, the chil­dren will find them.”

The next morn­ing, we were still asleep when the grand­chil­dren pounced on us. “Is it time to hunt the Easter eggs, Grandpa?” my grand­daugh­ter asked. I knew I wasn’t go­ing to get any more sleep, so I got up and cooked break­fast. Af­ter­wards, it was all we could do to keep them in­side while John and I hid the eggs.

We worked hard to find the best spots, and it took about 20 min­utes to hide them all. We’d just fin­ished and told the chil­dren they could hunt, when Corky ap­peared with a big bag of candy.

“John,” she asked, “have you seen the plas­tic eggs that I bought? I can’t find them.”

He glanced at me and turned to Corky. “You didn’t fill them?”

“No,” she replied. “I was just get­ting ready to.”

My grand­son came over to show me a plas­tic egg he found. I opened it and, sure enough, it was empty. We col­lected the ones the chil­dren had found and shooed them back in­side so that John and I could try to find the rest. When we fin­ished, we could only find 82.

John grinned at me. “I guess you were right. We could hide our own Easter eggs and never find them.”

Corky filled the ones we found, and John and I hid them again. We kept a bag of candy with us, and when the chil­dren found one of the empty rogue eggs, we mag­i­cally filled it for them. But then they re­al­ized that if they emp­tied the full ones and brought them back to us, we’d fill those, too. Pretty soon our bag was empty. We hadn’t planned to give them all of the candy; it just worked out that way. My lit­tle grand­daugh­ter climbed on my lap and said, “Grandpa, I’m glad you’re for­get­ful.”

I smiled and hugged her. I guess ev­ery cloud has a sil­ver lin­ing.

If there’s candy in the eggs, kids will find them.

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