Flight of the Fear­less

Country - - OUT & ABOUT - ELLE THATCHER New Bre­men, Ohio

On the win­dow ledge out­side my of­fice, a robin built a nest for three bright blue eggs. My co-worker and I watched two baby birds crack out into the world. Days later, the third one hatched. We named her Run­tie. Over the next few weeks, I no­ticed that Run­tie didn’t chirp and her feathers didn’t grow like the other birds’. I won­dered if her growth was de­layed be­cause she was born last. But one day I looked out the win­dow and saw Run­tie bounce out of the nest and onto the ledge. She looked dar­ingly over the edge, and, with­out warn­ing, parachuted down to the ground, flap­ping fran­ti­cally. Noth­ing bad hap­pened, but I won­dered how a flight­less baby could sur­vive out of the nest. I didn’t want to think of what could go wrong! The next morn­ing I saw Run­tie bounc­ing around in the wet grass. She looked up at a tree. A high-pitched chirp echoed through the air. Run­tie took off, fly­ing high, and landed on a twisty limb. I fig­ured out that’s how it works. Live life with­out lim­i­ta­tion, fear or ex­pec­ta­tion be­cause in the end, ex­pe­ri­ence is the only way to learn.

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