That Texas Twang

Country - - JOKES - LARRY MAST Lin­dale, Texas

Friends were vis­it­ing our home re­cently when we got on the sub­ject of Texas ac­cents. They told us a story about ac­quain­tances of theirs from Chicago who came down for a visit. Af­ter cross­ing into Texas, they pulled off the road at a lit­tle coun­try store and asked for di­rec­tions to find High­way 271. The store owner said, “Yawnit,” and con­tin­ued help­ing an­other cus­tomer. Not un­der­stand­ing, the man re­peated his ques­tion and got the same re­sponse, but a lit­tle louder: “Yawnit.” Frus­trated, he went back to the car. His wife asked, “Well, did you find out any­thing?” “No,” he an­swered, “I never did. The guy just keeps say­ing, ‘Yawnit.’ ” I have lived in Texas long enough now to know that “yawnit” means “you are on it.” At times re­cently, He­len and I have won­dered if we are still on the right road or if we should be do­ing some­thing else. But when I was last tempted by com­par­i­son or anx­i­ety, I asked the Lord if we needed new di­rec­tions along life’s road. I thought I heard the Lord say in his best Texas ac­cent, “Yawnit!” And so we travel on.

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