Anvil 20-Gal­lon

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A sim­ple, well-made, er­gonom­i­cally-sound ket­tle built for bud­get-con­scious brewers

Test lab notes

Anvil has al­ready used the best word to de­scribe their ket­tles, “rugged.” Cousin to the Blich­mann ket­tles, they bring the qual­ity of Blich­mann Engi­neer­ing with­out all of the bells and whis­tles (or price). We put this ket­tle through our stan­dard test­ing regime (han­dle strength/ com­fort test, heat dis­burse­ment, ket­tle fall, hops pickup, and of course our fa­vorite, brew en­joy­ment), and it was among our top rated ket­tles in ev­ery test. Dur­ing our fi­nal test, brew en­joy­ment, we found our­selves want­ing two things: 1) Welded com­po­nents—we like the aes­thetic and the per­ma­nence and dura­bil­ity of a good weld. 2) A cou­ple more bells and whis­tles (or at least the abil­ity to order them on check­out): sight glass, whirlpool valve, HERMS valves (for HLT). The ket­tle does of­fer very leg­i­ble, nicely etched vol­ume mark­ings on its­brushed steel fin­ish, which is easy to clean and of­fers a beau­ti­ful aes­thetic. At the end of the day, if you’re on the hunt for a durable ket­tle at a fair price, Anvil will not dis­ap­point.

Price: $349 Man­u­fac­turer: Anvil Brewing (a Blich­mann brand) Avail­able from: anvil­brew­

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